Our Recruitment Services

Your Hotel Recruitment has a range of service offerings available; however we can tailor and deliver a service that is just right for you. Why not consider one of our packages below:

Silver Service (end to end assistance):

This package is best suited to management and senior positions however can be used for any type of role.

What’s included?

A full and comprehensive job brief will be provided by you, so we can fully understand the role and your hotel.  We will assist you in developing a position description if required, then move on to developing an advertising strategy and ad writing to attract the best candidates.  We will arrange for the ad to be placed on various forums (seek.com.au, My Career, LinkedIn, Facebook, print media…).

As your applications are coming in, we ensure that each applicant is acknowledged and communicated with throughout the recruitment phase.  We will create a shortlist of suitable applicants for your review, complete some initial screening and then assist you with interviews.

Our interviews are competency and behavioural based – this ensures that candidates are well matched to the requirements of your role.  Once preferred applicants have been selected, we move on to reference checking and finally making an offer.

All candidates are communicated with – even those who are unsuccessful.  A 3 month placement guarantee is provided for the candidate.  If they don’t work out, or resign within this time, we will work with you to find a replacement at no charge.

Table Service:

This package takes pressure off you making the recruitment process easier and allows you to get on with your day to day business.

What’s included?

A comprehensive job brief will be taken with you to fully understand your requirements and a position description created if required.  We will develop an advertising strategy to attract the best candidates, write your ad and arrange placement for you.  We offer a range of forums for advertising to occur – both electronic (seek.com.au, twitter, My Career, LinkedIn) and or print media.  We will receive all applications on your behalf, acknowledging each applicant along the way.

A short list of 8-10 candidates is then provided to you (a full list of applicants can also be provided.)  Whilst we will not be involved in the interview, we will provide you with targeted interview guides that will allow you to uncover how the candidate stacks up against the competencies and behavioural attributes required to be successful in the role.

Once you have completed the interview, we will provide you with assistance in completing reference checking – again, probing any areas of concern or fleshing out skills relevant to the role.

Every candidate will be notified via e-mail of their progress throughout the process ensuring a positive candidate experience – even if they are unsuccessful.

Buffet Service:

This package is ideal for experienced publicans/owners who are familiar with recruiting, but we take care of some of the ‘nitty gritty’ details on your behalf.

What’s included?

We will provide assistance in writing and posting your job advertisement to various job boards and careers pages including our ‘Your Hotel Recruitment’, Seek, My Career, Facebook, LinkedIn,@ print media if required.

We will collate and provide all applications to you. Each application will be acknowledged.   Once you have selected your successful candidate, we will communicate with all other applicants letting them know that they have been unsuccessful.


How much?

Your circumstances and requirements may be different to others.  You may need one staff member, or a whole team, perhaps just a couple of extras for that busy tourist season.   We can give you an indication of cost or present you with a number of solutions after having a chat.  Call Rusty to discuss what you need on 0437 910 171 or e-mail rusty@yourhotelrecruitment.com.au and he will contact you.

Do you need seasonal staff?

Talk to Rusty today to discuss your requirements and a service specific to your needs.


Still not quite what you are after?

We are only too happy to discuss what your business requires and tailor our services to suit you.

Contact Rusty on 0437 910 171 to discuss you recruiting requirements or e-mail rusty@yourhotelrecruitment.com.au .