Friday night dinner & drinks at Whorouly Pub!


A great Friday night at the pub!


After a busy week, I didn’t feel like cooking, but relaxing with a cold drink and a meal at the pub.  So we jumped in the car and went to the Whorouly pub, it’s pronounced ‘wor-our-lee’.  We had often driven past the little town and seen the signs to the pub and always said, “we must drop in there one day”….well today was the day!


As we walked in, a local standing under the veranda spotted that we weren’t regulars and said a friendly g’day and told us a bit about ‘his local’. Already, I got the feeling of a warm friendly atmosphere and I hadn’t even walked in the door!    Wandering in, I could tell that this place had so many stories to tell!  There were pictures up on the walls from town floods, a bit of history, local sporting team pictures and of course a pool table!  There was an 18th birthday party in the beer garden, so the place was bustling with activity which was great to see in a small country town.   


Publicans Graham and Jenni were great – we had a chat with them to find out that they have owned the pub for almost 5 years and ran the local post office with is attached to the premises.  They knew all their customers, calling them by name, having a laugh with them and making sure that everyone’s drink was attended to.  Their community involvement was clear – running a meat tray raffle to assist the local school kids head off to camp.  I bought a few tickets to contribute to their efforts.


We ordered our meals, another drink and settled in for a while.  My other half got to talking to one of the locals about dairy cattle in the area and worked out that they knew the same people from way back – yep, it’s a small world out there!   No sooner had we ordered and our starters were bought out to us at the bar – a simple but delicious bruschetta.


One more drink and a kitchen staff member came out to let us know that our meals were served in the dining area.  I had the porterhouse and my partner had the ever reliable chicken parma.  Both meals were beautifully presented and tasted even better!  One of the most tender steaks I have had in a long time – I asked for it to be cooked medium – and medium it was!  Compliments to the Chef – bloody beautiful!




One last drink in the bar and another chat with a few locals and we headed off…..not before winning the meat tray!  

A great little pub Graham and Jenni – we’ll be back for sure!

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