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In addition to our website, Your Hotel Recruitment will stay in touch using social media forums – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  The choice is yours as to how you follow us – perhaps via just one forum, or all of them!  We think it is an ideal and fun way to show you what we have been up to, latest job opportunities, general advice, ask for your feedback, provide an opportunity for you to ask us questions and much more.  


Just search and ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us on:

  • Facebook – search for ‘Your Hotel Recruitment’
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  • LinkedIn – search for Julie Luxford


If you’re on Instagram – next time your out at your favorite pub, at work, or perhaps just having a fun night out with friends, post your picture and tag us at #yourhotelrec.  We would love to see your pictures!


Here on our website, we will keep you posted with regular blogs so make sure you add us to your favorites and visit us regularly!




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