Whether you need front or back of house staff, one staff member or a whole team, I can help you!  Give me (Julie) a call on 0429 140 557  and let’s chat about what your looking for.  I might have just the person your after!

Don’t worry – there’s no obligation when you call me – I’m not that pushy recruiter that you might have experienced in the past, I am genuinely interested in helping you in what ever way I can.

You might not need (or want) the standard ‘recruiter’ package – you know what I am referring to – we can help you, we’ll charge you ??% of their base salary, plus this and that….  You might just want some help screening a candidate, completing reference checks or suggestions on what questions to ask to get the information you need from a candidate, that’s ok – I’m more than happy to help and provide some expertise!  It’s about what you need, not just a one size fits all scenario!

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk because you have ears all around you.  If it suits you better, please contact me via e-mail or social media – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Don’t forget to give us a like, follow or connect while you’re there…we’re on Instagram too!