What does your body language say about you?

Continuing our theme of discussing interviews, this blog is perhaps more for candidates, but also something to keep in mind if you are conducting interviews – what does your body language look like to your candidate?   Interviews are nerve … Continued

Can you ask that question?

Interviews are tough – both for the candidate and I believe for the interviewer too!  You’re both on show…Do I want this person to work for me?  Do I want to work for this person? Ashlea provides some great insight … Continued

Are your customers loyal?

Remember Ashlea?  Well as promised, here’s a word…actually, quite a few words from Ashlea! Ashlea shares her thoughts and tips about building relationships in your business and keeping your customers coming back time and time again.   Over recent years while working … Continued

Loving country pubs!

Have you been to the Everton Hotel? We were heading home and it was about that time of day – time for a drink and dinner!  So we wheeled in to the Everton Hotel just out of Wangaratta.  I’d met … Continued

The staff made all the difference….

Great service made this place stand out! My travels took me to Wodonga for the day and I was starving!  So I dropped into the Huon Hill Hotel for some brekkie.  What a funky place!!!  The biggest ceiling fans I … Continued

How do I answer ‘that’ question???

  It’s almost inevitable, you know….that question that requires you to speak about your negatives, pitfalls, flaws, weaknesses, mistakes, development areas….however you want to phrase it…how on earth do I answer it? It might be asked – If I asked … Continued

Follow us, like us, tag us!!!

In addition to our website, Your Hotel Recruitment will stay in touch using social media forums – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  The choice is yours as to how you follow us – perhaps via just one forum, or all of … Continued